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Morning Forum Episode 3 months ago. The List Episode 42 3 years ago. Carefree Travelers Episode 49 one year ago. Radio Star Episode 28 minutes ago. Problem Child in House Episode 10 2 hrs ago. Weekly Idol Episode 6 hrs ago. House Husband Episode 92 9 hrs ago. Hello Counselor Episode 18 hrs ago. Vocal Play Episode 10 18 hrs ago.

Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Jan 19, Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Jan 20, Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Jan 23, Happy Together Episode will air on 23h0 Thursday, Jan 24, The house has a Christmas party that also acts as Masato and Rie's goodbye party.

After three months together, everybody cries saying goodbye to the two the next morning, and Masato leaves Tetsuya a letter.

Dating Alone Episode 12

Special episode where commentator You re-watches and comments on scenes from the first twelve episodes. New female member Hana, a gyaru model for Egg , moves into the house.

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Hana and Tetsuya go grocery shopping so that she can show off her cooking skills. Shota returns from a trip to Kansai and announces that he is now engaged to his girlfriend, and that he will be leaving the house. Even though he told the girls he would be leaving around lunchtime, Shota has Tetsuya drive him to the station in the morning before they wake up so he can leave without seeing them cry. New member Dyki, a professional kickboxer and gym instructor, moves into the house and tells Tetsuya that based on first impressions and appearances, he is most interested in Hana.

Likewise, Hana tells the girls she finds Dyki more attractive than she expected.

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With everyone progressing at their work, Seina feels anxious about her career and questions why she is at Terrace House. Seina learns that she has a second interview for Glitter.

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Dyki and Hana go on a date exploring their new surroundings together. Tetsuya learns via the internet that Seina and Masato, who has postponed his trip abroad, have been seen out together and confronts her about it. Momoko, Seina and Tetsuya go to the unveiling of Shota's grad project, after which Seina asks Shota out and tells him that she likes Masato. Tetsuya has dinner with Masato where they talk about Seina. Tetsuya begins taking acting classes, and Momoko gets a job writing lyrics for a song.

Hana makes Dyki dinner and agrees to make him healthy food when he is losing weight for his match. Hana, Tetsuya and Seina go to Target, Dyki's gym, to workout. Masato reveals that he has been thinking about Seina and tells her they should go on a date if they both feel the same when he returns; he asks is she will wait and she says she will, before he embraces her and kisses her forehead.

The girls make the boys Valentine's Day chocolate giri choco and the new male member arrives. New member Tetsuya Iwanaga , a pharmacist and model for Men's Non-no , moves into the house and is given the nickname "Oji". Oji goes to dinner with the girls, and Momoko later states that she finds him attractive.

Dyki asks Seina for advice as there are two girls he is interested in and has feelings for, Hana and a girl who does not live in the house, and does not want to go into his match undecided. Later, Seina tells Hana about Dyki's dilemma. Seina has her photoshoot for Glitter.

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After Seina informs Dyki that she told Hana about his dilemma, he asks Hana out on a date picking strawberries in Yokosuka and dinner at Yokohama Marine Tower , where, when asked, she tells Dyki she could see him as a boyfriend. Tetsuya tells Seina that he can not keep his eyes off of Hana, but would be happy if Dyki and her are a good match, to which Seina asks if he is truly OK leaving it like that or is only holding back for Dyki's sake? Hana quits working for Egg magazine and has her first shoot for Jelly , but has doubts about her career.

Tetsuya goes running with Hana, and takes another acting class. Hana sees Tetsuya's conversation with Seina while watching episode 21 of Terrace House and confronts him, to which he responds by telling her that he is interested in her. With his match approaching in one week, Dyki begins cutting weight and tells his boss that he will confess his feelings after the match. Hana makes Dyki a weight-loss bento. The other members wonder why Momoko has not been home for four days, and when she returns she tells them she will be leaving the house after Dyki's match.

Dyki has lunch with his sister, Mai , and tells her he will also be leaving the house after his match. Tetsuya has lunch with Shota, whom he learns did not end up going to graduate school , and reiterates his concern of losing his friendship with Hana and Dyki. He then apologizes to Dyki, who tells Tetsuya that he has decided on Hana. After the match, Hana waits for Dyki alone in the stands and he tells her he likes her. After Dyki's confession, Hana tells him that his record is two-for-two today, the two kiss and inform the others that they are officially dating now.

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Although he was going to leave the house, Dyki decides that it is easier for him and Hana to be together while living at Terrace House and decides to stay. Oji asks Seina out on a date where, despite Seina telling him she is waiting for Masato, Oji reveals he has strong feelings for her. On her last night, Momoko tells Oji that she really likes him before leaving the next morning after six months at the house.

You and Reina announce that four more commentators will be joining them in the studio for future episodes and play video clips of Yoshimi Tokui, Hiroomi Tosaka , Azusa Babazono and Ryota Yamasato each commenting on past scenes. Seina reveals that Masato has not been in contact with her, and, later, that he does not pick up when she calls him. Tetsuya and Oji sleep in the theater so Hana can spend the night with Dyki in the boys' bedroom. Seina agrees to go on another date with Oji. New member Aya moves in looking for a relationship, and says she is most interested in Oji.

Seina goes on her second date with Oji, where she tells him she wants to just be friends and is thinking of leaving the house to travel abroad to gain skills as a model. Dyki books a non-title match, but Hana will be abroad unable to support him during his weight cut. Aya is bothered by the dirty house, leading to a group house cleaning. Masato visits the house and is confronted by Seina on why he did not contact her and asks him which is more important, surfing or her? Given the ultimatum, Masato chooses surfing.

The members have a birthday dinner for Seina, where she tells them she will be leaving the house the following day. After she leaves, the others tell Oji how things went with Masato and criticize him for not being passionate enough with his feelings. New member Miwako , a gravure idol , moves in. When asked by Dyki, Tetsuya says that out of all the girls who have been there, Miwako is number one to him.

Oji calls and asks Seina out, but she says no to a one-on-one date.

Hana has a photoshoot at the house, and her and Dyki's schedules never line up so they have not been on any dates since becoming official. Oji and Aya agree to go out sometime. Oji and Aya go on a date, and plan to go on another. Tetsuya and Miwako go shopping and make plans to go skateboarding. All the members agree to go camping, with Tetsuya in charge of planning. Dyki and Hana consider leaving Terrace House so they can save the four hours usually spent traveling back and forth to the city and spend it together. The house members, sans Hana, all go to Ariake Coliseum to watch Dyki in his non-title fight at Road to Glory Japan kg , which he wins by knockout in the first round.

All of the members go camping at Lake Kawaguchi , where they split off into three couples to talk; Tetsuya and Miwako agree to go out to eat and skateboard; Oji and Aya agree to go to the aquarium, although he dodges the question of whether he still likes Seina; Dyki and Hana agree that their passion for each other has faded.

After two months together, Dyki and Hana decide to break up but remain friends. Miwako has a photoshoot for B. Tetsuya and Miwako go on their skateboarding date. Tetsuya meets up with Momoko to get romantic advice. Miwako reveals to her friend that she does not have romantic feelings for Tetsuya, but is instead interested in Dyki.