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That turns off a lot of women. My ex wife was a narcissist and gold digger. She would fight with me daily because she didn't like how I ran my company, and that I didn't have enough savings or a second home. Remember, I'm late 30s. My savings is above average. I don't mind single mothers as there are some real gems out there.

They carry a heavy burden, and big respect for staying above water. I will say that many of the women who are in their late 30s and never married are very bitter. My aim is the range. I don't have an over or under inflated ego or low self esteem. It's truly difficult to find a good match. I love this answer as I do this a lot. It's basically a, "Fuck you for asking a stupid loaded question which I am not going to answer but instead turn the conversation in the direction I want," type of response.

Yeah you're right, it is a pretty loaded question. I guess what I really wanted to know was how they coming across as bitter? As in "what do they do that's making you perceive them as bitter", instead of "why do you think they're unhappy about being single in their 30s" since that question kind of answers itself. I can guess as to why they're bitter. Same reasoning goes with men. Perhaps they made poor choices at some point in their lives and are filled with regret and jealousy of others who appear to be happier.

My theory for getting out of said funk is to focus on yourself, do the things you enjoy, and make yourself stronger. The more you love and accept you for you, the more others will too. When someone says bitter in this situation they're typically describing someone who is presumptuous.

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So if I had to guess a lot of single older women regularly use their previous dating experience to interpret your intentions behind certain actions based on their experience. By lumping me in with the rest of the guys from your past instead of giving me a fresh start you seem like someone who is bitter against all men. Wow, I get how it is difficult for you. Age, success, life experience - same boat as you. Women who have these things, I'm sure they exist, but I've never met one. From fella to fella, I'll tell you my latest strategy which is working.

I'd much rather talk with a cutie who's smart and experienced than a smoking hot girl who'd be perfect to bang but would also drain your patience and your bank account just as fast.

Online dating is a platform which offers options, especially if you're in a big metro area. Match seem to have better quality candidates than the other sites because it is a pay site and there is a basic level of intent towards similar goals. I'm not currently in the market, but if I were, I would probably do just that. I enjoy smart successful women much more than any other type! Those type of women generally write me off early though, since I'm not properly educated myself. Many successful women like their yang to their yin. You ever see commercials of career type women checking out construction workers or firemen?

I'm 34 and just got home after my walk of shame Dating life is much better than it was in my 20s. I still date the same age range of girls, but I have more money and apathy so things tend to be a lot easier. It does seem that menopause and perimenopause take their toll on women's libidos starting around However, if a woman takes care of herself and looks good and has interest in sex at 45, she is more attractive than a 32 year old woman with red flags.

How do you feel about single men 35+ year old?

Single guy over 30? Just a nice bloke who's shy and nerdy and hitting his stride and finally his time to shine sand good for you! Single girl over 30? She's got issues because any girl single over 30 has issues and uhhh single moms!!! Weird motherfuckers on this sub, the lot of ya. Last year it was one a month like clockwork until I met my girlfriend in August, then we broke up this past May and it's back to about one a month. I don't really have a goal, I'm not trying to get new women each time, it just works out that way.

Relationships are hard to maintain an finding someone you really connect with is difficult. As far as how I'm meeting them, the vast majority are friends of friends. Last summer I dated a girl from Tinder for 6 weeks, and only one was a random bar hookup. One thing though, it is fun disqualifying uber-desperate single mothers.

Many of them wouldn't have given me the time of day in my 20s. On a side note, I would date a woman who was cheated on -- whether or not she had kids. I mean, if the guy cheated on her, that's not her fault -- it's more like some uber crappy thing that happened to her in life. Actually in my mind it is her fault, she chose to be with someone of low character and that reflects on her.

Stop being a god-damn pussy, it is totally acceptable to judge women. And if she doesn't like it the door is never far away You know it's possible to be in a relationship without getting married? Of course, that shrinks even more your dating scene, but if you change your mindset, you might find the woman you're looking for.

I wish you good luck! Starting to make a lot of sense why he's alone and it's really not the women that are the problem. Having met quite a few older women during an experimental phase I went through living in a big European city, he's kinda spot on. Being single at 20 is normal. I was mostly hinting at his evident seething bitterness towards women. He's single because what woman would want to deal with that shit? He's not disregarding an entire gender, just a very specific portion he's had to experience in a manner you haven't experienced unless you date women as well, but even then I'd wager same-sex relationship dynamics are different than heterosexual ones.

I didn't see him saying anything about 20 year olds or other subsets of non year old women. If anything please don't be sexist defend men as well in the following comment: Are you implying that I'm white knighting? How is pointing out that a bitter and cynical attitude is severely impairing your chances with women white knighting?

Or don't be sexist and defend men as well in https: For what it's worth I actually agree with her. It's not a gender issue, it's an age issue. And you're being condescending. I'm honestly curious how pointing out a bitter and cynical attitude is white knighting, but nobody seems to be able to explain.

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Now I'm sexist too? I'm pointing out that someone's responsible for his loneliness, the fact that he's a guy doesn't matter at all.

Single In My 30s And Freaking Out

One could say that thinking one should defend a man whenever one defends a woman is sexist. No, it's a character issue: Which, again, is exactly the point I was trying to make. Regardless of sex, or age. If you're a 23 old woman and bitter and self-pitying the problem is exactly the same. Will never happen, I'm a misanthropist. Both genders have disproportionate amounts of assholes.

Just so you know, it's the same on my side of the playing field. Single fathers, some with several mommas, or mental issues. Or past my comfort point of overweight varies on the guy, but I'm okay with up to or so since I'm not a wet stick myself, but too small for fetishists. I'm super surprised that your cut off point is Are all the guys above 30 that fat? I'm fat, but jesus that sounds like a miserable dating pool.

I'm about 50 lbs overweight at this point, with it slowly going down. I've lost 70 from my peak fatness, but since the people I date don't know of my past, it doesn't help any. I don't plan on seriously looking for a wife until my late 20's.

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Has been pretty good to me so far. Sure, people in their 30s come with some sort of baggage, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's also possible to date younger, plenty of girls in their 20s appreciate a man with some more experience. If you're life is not in shambles and you're in shape you can date hot women who are fairly successful and have no kids.

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I know one guy personally who is Bald as a coot. But the guy is about the most muscle bound fuck I've ever met. And he has NO problem spanking the arse of 22 year olds. I used to be a fat fucker, more blubber than a beached whale. I got absolutely zero pussy. I lost the weight, got good and fit, now it's not a problem.

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I even get girls just randomly wanting to squeeze my arms in coffee shops. Even this morning, a girl behind me in Costa Coffee pinched me on the arse. I didn't even know her, or had even spoken to her at that point.