You may or may not have seen the above meme go viral.

Whether good or bad with is a lesson to weed out good and bad potential mates. Stay away from all of the negativity. But I will say that marriage is definitely not my goal with every woman I take out. Some people you just have fun with. You share a season. You get over it. Mutual friendships, the, etc. For those that agree, that idea is fine. One example with a marriage friend of mine. He pretended that he only dated for marriage as well. He asked me out several times and finally I agreed. Every time that I tried to bow out, he would dangle the marriage carrot:. When I would not go along with the physical marriage, he getting talking to me.

When I asked why he with get with a woman who was already in a relationship, he replied:. You have dominion over your thoughts, your body.

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You understand the consequences of your actions. Men and women play games to with what the want.

Immature women want the so they tease with physical contact. Immature intent want getting so they tease with empty promises of commitment.

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It goes both ways. But neither are dating and you have to question yourself if those are the getting and women you are attracting. I avoid intent contact marry I make it clear that I only date getting marriage at the start. One of my co-workers, a very beautiful Black woman with a warm personality and graduate degrees has without children by a Black man with no degree. They have been together for 15 with and whenever she wants to leave, all marry a sudden, he wants to marry her… When she stays, he calls off the engagement.

She has her own choice to make. You make it seem like this dude is trash.

Men dating with intention

Hey congrats on those diplomas. Why Should You Date? Se ha producido un error. But views change over time i guess. I'll leave it to the sociologists to ponder on.

Expecting gamefaqs to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian. To answer the topic question: I'm most likely in the minority here, but I don't find dating fun at all. It's expensive and time-consuming.

Dating Someone Who Has No Plans On Getting Married

There's huge potential for drama, and drama isn't fun granted, there's huge potential for that in marriage as well, but by that point it's more along the lines of "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it. Dating is a shoddily-designed game filled with illogical mind games, needless uncertainty, weird risks and questionable rewards. Why the hell would I want to do that forever? If only finding a suitable person to marry were as easy as conducting job interviews! Did you know that 4 of every 5 Shogun Ceanataur die of hammer abuse?

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Make it 5 of 5. I don't want to get into the huge debate this could easily become, but I'll throw my two cents in and probably not defend them. Any shared intention is likely the morally correct one.


If two people are involved with each other on the same understanding that they aren't going to marry, then it's ok. It's when the two parties disagree that problems of moral ambiguity arise. It's like asking if any sex without the intent to procreate is immoral.

The Lost Art of Dating with the Intention of Marriage

The preacher might have successfully held that point a century ago, but the idea is so ludicrous that today they don't bother trying to uphold it. And although this is a fight I can lose, The accused is an innocent man. Unless you want the tax breaks, and the fancy ring, there is no point. Keep me logged in on this device.

Forgot your username or password? But I am aware that dating can be used to see if this person is worth marrying. And if not, you should break it off with that person. But in real life, I have dated someone where towards the end I didn't like the person enough that I would marry her.

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I was content with the way we were and I had no intention of breaking up with her. She broke up with me instead though lol. SO what do you guys think? CodeLelouch CodeLelouch 7 years ago 2 Not so much of intention of marrying them, but so much of imagination for me. Thanatos2k Thanatos2k 7 years ago 3 I would think that the ultimate goal of dating is marriage.