Where can i find a girlfriend who is a teacher? I coach u9 soccer because i love playing with them and teaching them. I have never responded with a comment before , but was so moved to ditto the thoughts and comments first expressed here. I have taught for over 30 years and am retired and still love my time in schools volunteering or substituting. My heart still breaks for so many children today and my hats off to those many teachers who make a difference and love doing it!!!

That is not to put down any other professions as some bloggers seemed to try to do, but teachers are and can be so positive and helpful in shaping children…because so many sincerely want to do so.

Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit. Reblogged this on Live the life you love and commented: That was super cute. I absolutely loved this post, I am an infant toddler teacher and this fits me so well! Thank you for brightening my day! And ignore all the negative comments people are posting about this because it is absolutely the truth about teachers:. Reblogged this on the littlest lilac and commented: Story of my life!

Tips on Dating Your Child's Teacher

I would like to say I think this is a little one sided and kind of ignorant. This was very sweet and well-written. Teachers are the number one career men who want a serious relationship, especially those who want children, say they see their dream wife having. Anyone know where I could find a good one? I am very put off by this article. What about all the other working women out there?! Or appreciate the small things?

Write something that speaks to all women. Very nice blog post. I found a lot of qualities that remind me of my girlfriend passing out at 7: There were also some that do not quite hit home, but it was still enjoyable to read. Not all teachers are down to earth and that humble.

It always had to be something expensive. Plus infidelity and flirting with anyone they could while in a relationship. No not all teachers are bad, there are of course good teachers. Instead date a girl who is down to earth and get to know them. Reblogged this on Mariflies's Blog and commented: Well that mean I need to find that girl if any are here contact me I would love to have a wife who teach!

What about men who teach?!?! My husband has taught 5th grade for 11 years and he is every bit of those things. And true be told sometimes my husband is the only male figure in those kids lives. Male teachers deserve the same!

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Haha so good to read this, made me giggle inside. This is true thanks. God bless teachers thank you sister. And who said more guys should read this? I simply adore this! I am an extremely proud early childhood teacher who is actually teaching grade 4 this year and trying to show 9 and 10 year olds how to learn and play without leaving their childhood behind. I just see myself in this so much and enjoy knowing that I have some really unique parts of my personality, most of which only teachers understand, that I am able to share with others. Reblogged this on A girl, a bird and a VW and commented: A little bit of inspiration before I post the stories of boys who have tried to date such a girl….

Thanks to another one of those great girls, lucky enough to have been found by a great boy, who shared this with me. Hi I really enjoyed this and so did my boyfriend. Regards to you and your boyfriend!!! Love this so much!

Daily Routines in Kindergarten Classes

Very good read coming from a guy that would like to be able to date a teacher that he knows more. Distance in the way currently but this write up describes her to a T. Well pretty close indeed. I work with makeup in the beauty industry … Which means I have zero knowledge in anything but nail polish… this must make me shallow and materialistic sniff sniff this message was suppose to be read with sarcasm.

19 Undeniable Signs You’re Dating A Teacher | Thought Catalog

My friend has dated a school teacher … who use to be a stripper when she was younger! My first thought as I read this was like some other people who read this: This kind of makes pre-school teachers out to be clones of each other, and it seems full of cliches of how preschool teachers SHOULD be.

But, I think that all of those things that make a preschool teacher good at what they do are the things you mentioned… they must have a love for these types of things! So, that being said, thanks to all of those teachers who work with kiddos, and put their whole hearts into it — I appreciate you! I am not a preschool teacher, but I just graduated high school where to took a class on learning how to be a preschool teacher. I actually made lesson plans for a whole week and the following week I got to execute them.

It was a great experience for my senior year in HS. I am currently working at a day care in a infant classroom with 8 babies who are under 1 year old, though it is not preschool we STILL have things that are required of us to teach these babies! Yes we actually take time and try to teach an infant how to hold their bottle or feed themselves.

I think that no matter what age you teach it takes someone with a very special heart and a whole lot of patience to be able to be any kind of care giver. Handling 8 infants is such a challenge — teaching them would be an extra challenge! Reading this made me smile. To the nay-sayers who find this a cookie cutter image of teachers: Reblogged this on andreawhelloworld and commented: I loved this post! I am a first grade teacher. It becomes a part of you if you really love your job.

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I just had a conversation about this last night and then ended up reading this post today. Thank you for sharing this.

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I smiled the entire time. This was my first visit to the blog, keep it up. You seem to be saying that women who do want to spend time at makeup stores are not worth dating. Which is a fair assumption to make because you juxtapose two seemingly binary modes of identity together. There seems to be a glaring lack of acknowledgment for those that do not teach young children.

Where is the secondary school teacher love? Not all young female teachers who teach young women want to or are capable of raising children. Just something to keep in mind as to try and avoid fitting people into gender roles and biological essentialism. This was a great read. Presumably we are forgetting the fact she would NEVER have any free time, would be hugely stressed, has pretty much signed away any social life, has 30 children to put her off ever wanting any more and you never really know what time she is going to come home each night, just in case you were going to cook for her..

Reblogged this on Crystal's little world and commented: A friend posed this on my FB wall commenting on how lucky my Husband is to be married to a Primary Teacher. As a late-comer to teaching qualifying at the ripe old age of 43 i absolutely loved this post. Yes, i do have oversized bags, love nothing more than buying new books to share with my little one and whole-heartedly believe the world should be covered in more glitter! Glad you enjoyed reading this post! I definitely have so much more on my plate teaching younger kids, even aside from common core. But mostly they pick you flowers and tell you they love you because no one ever says it to them.

Date a girl who teaches, wow! They correct your Grammar, know more than you on every topic known to man, say goodbye to weeknights as their always too tired and demand so much more from you at weekends, they are too tired to do anything in the bedroom for at least 46 weeks out of 52 and have persistant colds or bugs of some kind or another.

Date a girl who teaches and you become the mother! Your keft to do ironing, cleaning, cooking and bring up your children in every aspect from a human cash point to full time taxi driver………. This post is cute indeed and have some truthful points. In 8 years of teaching I have yet to hear my colleagues cheer with glee for getting storybooks or anything work related for bdays, Xmas, valentines day or any other special occasion.