It will help you get all of your thoughts and feelings out without hurting someone else.

What should you do if your crush likes your enemy?

Distract yourself by focusing on yourself and the things you love. Play your favorite sport. Spend time with your friends and talk about something other than your crush. Do the things you enjoy and you'll remember you don't need your crush to like you back in order to be happy. Grace and Ellie have been BFFs forever The holidays might be over Click HERE to take a quick survey for a chance to win amaze books and beauty essentials.

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How to deal when your crush likes someone else - GirlsLife

Which Descendants 2 character are you? You've come to the right place! This quiz will provide you with an accurate result of how much your crush likes you. I particularly recommend this to teenage girls at high school. Is he madly in love with you or does he hide a secret admiration for you? Does he just want to be friends or are you way out of his league?

It's time to find out. Take this opportunity to look for other potential crushes that may work out better. Look around at the people you interact with. Are there people that you have things in common with or find attractive?

These people may be your next crush. Instead, take it as a reason to really look at your crush. Really look at them.

Girls: does your crush like you?

Objectively think about whether they are as great as you thought. Why do you not like your enemy? Are they mean or a bully?

Did they do something to hurt you? If your crush is dating them, maybe they are not a nice person like your enemy. Consider that there might be a reason your crush likes your enemy. Take a moment to step away from your jealousy and think about your crush. There is probably a reason they like your enemy.

Maybe they find your enemy attractive, share similar interests, or have fun when together. Your crush is a person who has interests just like you. There is just not one person for you.

My crush is dating my enemy

When your crush breaks up with your enemy, you will still be there with your crush. Avoid trying to sabotage the relationship.

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If you are thinking about trying to break up your crush and your enemy, you should get that thought out of your head. Interfering with the relationship, especially negatively, may cost you any chance of having a future relationship with your crush. Refrain from badmouthing your enemy. Because your enemy is dating your crush, you may want to talk bad about them, complain about how awful they are, or even spread lies.

You should avoid this. Being negative about your enemy means that you are stooping to their level and not being a nice person.

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You should take the high road and be nice, or just ignore your enemy all together. You should date someone nice and sweet, like me. Talking about your enemy to other people may get back around to them or your crush. Your crush might be mad if they find out you are badmouthing the person they are dating. Ignore any teasing by your enemy. Your enemy may know how you feel about your crush, and this may give them reason to tease you or rub their new relationship in your face. If your enemy is bullying you or being mean, just ignore it.

Giving in to the teasing by reacting or getting upset just lets your enemy know you are jealous and upset.

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  8. Be happy for your enemy. Turn the negative jealous feelings into positive ones. Instead of being jealous that your enemy got your crush instead of them, be happy for them.