Aged - 17 months. Junior Dog Class - 50th. Anniversary Championship Show under breed specialist Ms. Liked his head and expression, good neck and shoulders, balanced body, level topline, good hind angulation, tight feet, needs more coat, moved with drive behind and good extension in front. Aged 7and a half months - already a CC winner. Right - aged 13 months. Above - aged six years. Above - in Quarantine Oct. Labrador Retriever National held in Melbourne in May ,. Labrador Retriever National held in Melbourne. This boy caught my eye the second he entered the ring.

He had just what I was looking for from his masculine head with kind expression, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Excellent level topline with correct tail set. Super front construction with correct upper arm angulation. Lovely and deep through body with correct spring of rib. Strong hind quarters with good turn of stifle and second thigh. Correct double coat and otter tail. I would happily have him in our kennel. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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He used to be a family man until he got disowned. This is where it all started. The FBI is looking for him. Creepy stuff, straight out of a horror movie… Most was made-up. Her feet are webbed and beautiful head. He said except for the color she could easily compete. Her line can be documented 3 generations. So do not comment about her being a pure blood.


We love this site!!!!! Have a great day! I know and recognize most breeds even some of the more rare ones and have studied AKC guidelines. BUT nothing about the dog I met said Lab to me. My two guesses were either a bulky Weim or a petite Great Dane. Those that breed silver labs are you breeding to improve the breed or breeding to improve your pocket book? Are silver labs winning in the show ring? Have you spayed or neutered your silver? I saw my first silver lab today. The bitch had traits of inbreeding. I am familiar with pure bred inbreeding and she had many of the traits.

Brindles, two and tri-colors? I believe that dilute Labrador retrievers COULD be winning in the show ring, if they were allowed to participate in competition. In response to your comments regarding inbreeding: I suspect you may have witnessed one of the poorer examples. As she paraded the dog in front of me, I had to stifle the rising bile in my throat. Aside from being solid black, the dog looked like a hyena! My companion and I laughed about it the entire 2 hour drive home.

Good morning, I would really appreciate if could send me some info on the breeder you R talking about and thank you for your time. I am new to this site as my husband and I are considering purchasing a Silver lab.


I had no idea that some consider them as a mixed gene or a Weim. I find this interesting. We have been researching dogs to breed and since we have a registered yellow lab which we would not breed again due to her age , we found the silver and are researching breeding them. Can anyone recommend a site or breeder I can research to find a bitch? We have found a breeder that we will get the sire from. In no way do I want to infringe on your site, so if me asking for breeder suggestions is not acceptable, I certainly respect that you will not post my quesitons.

Thank you for any advice you can share. Live in New City, m and my family are planning to have a silver Lab. I will really appreciate, a good Breeder.

If not, could an albino labrador be used to create the different colors? If this thinking is way out there …. We just put a deposit for our Silver Lab. We have 4 kids in our home and have been thinking about getting a dog that can grow up with our kids. My husband and I just felt bad for these dogs and the controversy, so we decided to go with a Silver, just because they seem to discriminate against: So yep, we are now waiting for our Silver Puppy and I could not be happier to welcome him into our home.

Kathy, our silver lab is the love of our lives. He is smart, handsome, active, loving, and very obedient.

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We were gifted with him, and would get another one in a heartbeat. One of the best places to buy a True Silver Lab. Craig Sattler is a genius when it comes to the individual genetics and care of these dogs. I have seen a few litters during the past 6 years but I do not own one….. What Are Your Thoughts? Mutations occur within every organic species.

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If they exist, as they do, and can be reliably produced as a sound, healthy animal then they are not sports and do deserve recognition. Scarce commodities often have higher prices. The more they are bred and have a higher population ratio the lower the prices will become until they fall in line with the rest of the breed.

They are mixed breed dogs. Thankyou for this article with a clear, unbiased explanation!


I am a long time Labrador owner of both registered and non registered Labs in New Zealand. I currently have a 13 yr old chocolate NZKC registered girl and a Champagne unregisterable almost 20 month old from registered imported dilute American parents Silver and Charcoal Peri is a delight to own, easy to train and as and lively and healthy as one could wish for. I would just like to make one comment regarding the term purebred. There is good evidence to suggest that several different breeds were introduced into the Labrador breed from the time they were first imported into UK, and for many years afterwards-like Foxhounds, Pointers, Setters and even greyhounds-to improve the build and hunting skills.

Surely they are as much responsible for creating the Labrador of today as perhaps any other breed used at a later date-even if it was after the registered were closed? After all-even if the Weim was used, it was 80 years ago and the breed as it stands should be regarded as pure bred now! However I tend to believe the dilute gene was present from many of those other breeds which carried it and were in the Labrador at the start, like the Newfoundland, just not brought to the surface until two animals that happened to be Dd came together.

I have read all posts and decided to throw mine out there in hopes to talk with a geneticist, or someone of equal knowledge. I do not plan on showing and to be honest having a mix breed can be beneficial as it can lessen the chances of pure breed health issues, but that is another fight for some and not the point of my post.

What I am trying to inquire about in fact does specifically have to do with the health of the dog. I have researched this to the ends of the earth, and all I can come up with is contradictory statements regarding a pure breed or not. What I am trying to find out is if the silver or charcoal color contributes to health issues.

My daughter ain't dating no black labs

All I have been able to come up with is information about alopecia and specifically in Doberman and German Pinschers. They have been found to have alopecia in their blue colored pups. I have not found anything about labs specifically. I would like to know from only a scientific stand point not a personal opinion , if the color of the fur from a recessive dd gene can increase health issues in a lab. I am interested in all health issues, not just alopecia. If someone is able to answer that, I am also wondering the following: If breeding two dd recessive dogs to make a purely silver and charcoal litter is going to increase those risks or not.

If the bitch silver and the sire charcoal do not show health issues as far as a buyer can tell , and they also have silver and charcoal parents, has the lineage not line bread strengthened the color gene to have less issues; or, would it be the same as if it were the one off pup from the litter who happen to be birthed with recessive coloring. Yes, of course silver labs should be recognized.

We have one, and he is absolutely beautiful. As a previous owner said, he is a lab in every way — behavior, temperament, skills, etc.