You hated blind dates but you hated looking bad even more, so everything had to be perfect. You walk over to your jewelry box and pull out your favorite pair of diamond studs before making one last check in front of the mirror. You spend the time as you drive thinking about all of the horrible possibilities that this blind date has. Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant causes your nerves to begin.

You were never one to get butterflies, but first dates always seemed to get that reaction from you. As you walk into the foyer of the restaurant you are greeted by the hostess. You follow her wondering where she was leading you to. As you pass all the empty booths, you turn the corner to see even more empty booths ahead of you; except one.

There is a guy sitting by himself at the very end of the empty rows. He is facing away from you so you were going to have to wait a little longer for your first impression.

The hostess holds her hand out, showing you that this was obviously your date. You inch closer to the table and he turns around.

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He stands up to kiss your cheek as you walk the rest of the way to the table. Setting you up with terrible guys was one thing, but setting you up with a member of a world famous boy band was a bit over the top for her and nothing you had expected. To your knowledge she was only a fan of his band.

You were completely mesmerized, so mesmerized in fact that you stumbled on your drink order causing the waitress to ask you to repeat yourself several times. The two of you continue through dinner and getting to know each other very well, laughing the entire time. You smile and nod as and he reaches for his wallet.

One Direction Preference: Your dating one member and another one fancies you

You chuckle, shaking your head, and take his hand. He leads you out the door and to his Porsche. He casually walks over to the passenger side door and opens it for you, gesturing you inside. With no idea of where your next destination is, Louis drives around, while making sure to hold your hand tightly in his as he cruises the streets.

You drive around for an hour, talking about your lives, and getting to know one another even more. As he pulls back into the parking lot of the restaurant to take you back to your car you have an immediate feeling of sadness. He pulls beside your car and throws his in park.

He takes his other hand and reaches into his back pocket and hands you his phone.

He watches you and smiles, giving the hand he was still holding another kiss as you hand him back his phone. You open the door to get out, but as you turn to head out, he gently pulls you back inside. He pulls you within inches of him as he stares straight into your eyes, nearly taking your breath away. He places his free hand on your neck and pulls you in the rest of the way to his lips, kissing you as the butterflies you had been experiencing all night long exploded. The two of you pull back with smiles on your faces.

One Direction Preferences ♡

He gives you one final wink and a kiss on the hand before you make your way over to your car. As he pulls away, you sit in silence, with a simple smile on your face, thinking about the unbelievable date you had just been on, hoping and praying he would call.

That's what everyone called Jaymie Ollys. But that was her job, and it didn't really bother her.

From fake-dating singers to actors, she was the most hated girl of fandoms, but again, she didn't care. Then one day, she was signed with Zayn Malik. But the truth was, she didn When Debby, Selena's sister returns from her vacation in London.

She comes back with an unexpected surprise. But fate can have its own twists and turns It has been 1 year since Sophie lost her memory. She remember pieces of her old life but not everything. Harry has also moved on and is dating Taylor Swift for the moment. Will Sophie gain her memory? Sequel to Messed up love. She was told boys were no good for her and dating was sinful.

But would stumbling into a life of her own in university still leave her naive and pure.

One Direction Preferences

Its about this girl who has 'heard' of Harry Styles for quite a long time, but never saw him. She's Niall's adopted sister. So she's like 16 and Harry's like 21 I know, big age gap, but that's w Model Harry Styles meets football player Louis Tomlinson. The pair begin to get feelings for each other, but when rumours start to surface that they're dating, they decide on being just friends. But friends can still kiss though, right?

I threw open the door. Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have both never been ones for relationships; they're more about 'one night stands'. When they meet at a pub, they go back to Harry's flat where they hit it off. You take a bath together ;. The moment he realizes he loves you. You make him insecure about you relationship. Your dared to kiss one of the other boys.

1D Imagines

You hurt his feelings. Your to far away in bed. He takes you to meet lady gaga. He goes to your sport event. He takes a picture of you and your friend s. The night before your wedding. Small things he does. You find out the gender.