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Flour on the ground around their tents. Did you bring a shop vac? Brian- As Basement said there is no official policy regarding crew dating.

In our large crew we have several couples however the crew policy is that on official crew outings no PDA's or other innappropriate behavior. Our crew is over 12 years old and we have never had a problem yet, if the teens know what is expected of them and you treat them like adults with respect you will be surprised at their response.

My ship and most of the ships in my area handle it by saying no PDAs, and anytime there is free time everyone has to be in a group of 3 or more. The scouts are generally pretty good about keeping that all out of scouting. Once in a great while the teenagers do make mistakes and get caught. That always leads to a long talk with Skipper, parents, and some length of time of suspension from the ship. If it happens in the middle of an event then parents are called at 3 am to come pick up their kids.

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Venturing Program Search In. Dating By briantshore , May 27, in Venturing Program. Posted May 27, Is there a BSA policy about youth members dating that are part of the same crew?

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 28, There is no official policy on dating within a venture crew This was the first case of a one brand sweep. A BSA motocross machine was often colloquially known as a "Beezer. He still plays this song with his band and often performs on the Isle of Man at the TT races.

The C11 used a C10 motor fitted with an overhead valve cylinder head.

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The C11 frame was almost unchanged until when BSA added plunger rear suspension. Early gearboxes were weak and unreliable.

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The C11G was available with a three ratio gearbox and rigid frame or a four ratio gearbox and a plunger frame. Both models had better front brakes than earlier models. This model was a common commuter motorcycle, and many survive today. Used the C11G engine, fitted with an alternator and swinging fork known as swinging arm rear suspension. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the — UK manufacturer. For the motorcycle manufacturer with legitimate rights to the name after , see B. List of BSA motorcycles. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Giants of Small Heath: The History of BSA. Retrieved 26 August Archived from the original on Retrieved 20 March SA Motor Pty Ltd.

I spoke to two people at DVLA regarding this issue, and both understood the point I made regarding dating. Both told me that the only way to contact you was by mail, hence this letter. In view of your rejection of this application, and in an attempt to make things smoother for future applicants, I have altered the dating certificate to show the date manufactured, as opposed to the date despatched, which I believe to be one and the same thing in any case.

A Honda CBN in the workshop and almost ready. I might have just bought another Bantam DVLA must be one of the most outdated and disjointed organisations in the Universe,it must frustrate you to get these sorts of issues,but keep at em we need you on our side,and appreciate all that you do for us,many thanks from all of us! Way to go Steve! The DVLA seems to blend the truly helpful with some lazy timeservers. This dating problem affects buses and coaches too. Some operators purchased several chassis at a time and then bodied them over perhaps three years.

The birthday for the machines was the issue date of the first road fund licence,not even the first certificate of fitness. Problems then arose in the seventies with rebodied vehicles getting new registrations. Hence a 64 Reliance getting a new body in 77 was getting a 77 plate,clearly misleading.