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Unlike Exotic Bounties, the Quests in the Dark Below can be completed by players who are solely focused on the cooperative story content of The Dark Below. Another may simply ask you to return to Earth to take down the surging Hive threat.

As well as the Raid, there will be brand new strikes to play through. The Will of Crota would seem to tie into the main storyline of the expansion, while The Undying Mind will see players travel to the Black Garden once again to face an enemy that strikes fear into even the unflinching Vex.

Destiny Lore - The Lore of The Crota's End Raid! (Extra Lore)

The latter strike is a timed exclusive for PlayStation consoles until the fall of Players will be required to log in to Destiny again after returning to the title screen to install the patch. You should not be removed from any activities you are currently in. Destiny made history with its stellar debut in the charts.

Destiny previews The Dark Below and still offers no raid matchmaking

To prove their commitment to their fans, Bungie has been offering weekly updates and attending to gameplay issues promptly via the studio's official website. Watch the official Expansion I: The Dark Below trailer here.

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Mechanically, the updates focus around upgrading Exotic equipment, raising character levels to 32, and the addition of Legendary gear that sits below raid equipment and Exotics. Bungie has also reaffirmed its commitment to not adding in any sort of matchmaking service for the game's raids while praising third-party sites that allow players to find others who wish to take on these raids.

This is the equivalent of refusing to own a clock while complimenting your neighbor's sundial.