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For some, a tattoo can indicate a generosity of spirit. Ryan sees tattooed people as ready to share more stories and share their own "cultural beliefs. Since tattoos are almost always symbolic of something else, they can also indicate depth.

In a way, it's a commitment to standing for something for the rest of your life," explains Susan, 26, who tends to date tattooed guys. Related stories by this author. Why women's rights activists want a "no" vote for Brett Kavanaugh. Most recent Hotel, hostel or airbnb? How to choose the right lodging option for you. Six places to visit that are actually more fun in the winter.

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What happens if you lose your passport abroad? How to set and stick to a budget in How an online-only bank can put more money in your savings account.

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Three ways our national parks are suffering during the government shutdown. But, more success means more problems.

Ami needs to keep it all together and tries to find the time to balance work and family life. Ami hosts an event to celebrate the success of the shop but Megan chooses to invite Chris, which displeases Ami. Jessica takes risks that can jeopardize the business.

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Risque photos of Megan spread around the office, causing a stir among employees. Ami has been allowing Billy to do a small tattoo for a short time and now it is his chance to work on a more elaborate one. Tila Tequila wants a tattoo to memorialize her parents. The crew back at Wooster Street goofs around while Ami is on vacation. Deciding to give back to the community, Ami invites a group of teenagers to the shop for some fun after being inspired by a touching tattoo. But when ribbing from the crew drives Robear to the edge and his wrath, a damper sets in on the party.

Tensions finally give way as Billy storms out of Wooster Street after Ami confronts him.

Man tattoos his name across his lover's face

Hoping to have some fun, the girls at the shop set Robear up for a speed dating event. Billy is forced to choose between his career and old friendships. After walking out on his job at Wooster Street, Billy needs some help from Chris to get his own business off the ground. After realizing her true feelings for a close friend, Megan wonders if pursuing it is worth jeopardizing their friendship.

Megan begins to move into her New York City pad. Missing his native California, Tim drags Ami out to the beach to go surfing. Jessica shows Tommy some of the tattoos she's been inking on the side, but not everyone is happy about it.

Ami is faced with a difficult decision when he learns what Jessica has been doing behind his back. Megan plans to move into her own apartment, but her new boyfriend Joey might derail her plans. Tension builds when a secret is revealed. Upset with Chris trash talking the business to anyone and everyone, Ami confronts him.

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