I just find online dating so much of an effort. Your advice is really helpful. I think maybe being online is highlighting the lessons from here in a really big way, especially related to having boundaries. I need to give this a lot more thought. I would like someone to be attentive and give me ego strokes affection, company and sex. I want a monogamous relationship where we go on dates and holidays. Where we talk regularly and openly and are supportive and caring about each other.

Why does it always have to progress to this other level? You may want someone who is willing to halt commitment at just the same stage as you are but, for me, I could not find that spot even for myself so I put myself into my relationship per cent. Of course I can change my mind. We need to lose the notion that we can have a loving relationship with no risk, sacrifice, change, or compromise.

If it was possible, us lot, of all people would have achieved it. I understand Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have this type of arrangement, that they are married living in separate but joined houses. I know lots of couples who have experimented along those lines, one friend and her partner have separate flats in the same building, so they maintain a certain private space while at the same time sharing their lives. Bigger than that though, is a very strong instinct in me to self-isolate.

That has been the one obstacle to me in forming relationships, more so than all the assclownery and abuse put together. I think every human being struggles with independence v coupledom. They already had a hard time adjusting when their father left us, so I want to keep things as peaceful as possible for them and me. I know a woman with three kids by three different men who got married so it can happen. I was a lot younger when I knew her and figured she should just give up. Kelly — I think it all depends on age and where you are in your life.

A woman who lives down the block from me is in her 50s and has been dating a fella a few years older for quite a few years. He owns a house, she owns a condo.

When The Guy Who ‘Doesn’t Want A Relationship’ Starts Dating Someone Else

I know a few couples who have been together a decade or longer without an official marriage. I posted as Kelly but then realised there was already a Kelly. Have had to change handles a few times. Anyway, I have had more time to think about it and it is exactly what Amy says. I am in mid forties, have 2 kids at home who will be around for another 5 or 6 years. I want the peripheral benefits of a relationship for myself without it impacting upon my family life.

I am going on holiday alone later this year and am really looking forward to it. I do prefer the idea of being with someone at that stage of my life though. I still felt awful. The EUM felt safe because I kind of knew it would never go anywhere, but for the moment I wanted to enjoy his company—as my boyfriend. The majority of our arguments would stem from our relationship status. I refused his friendship card.

I never caught him on anything. He reached out to call you a bitch that he misses? That is hot and cold all in one text. He came over and built a gazebo in my backyard as a surprise for me. He used one of his harem to help him do it. But he would insist that we were just dating casually for 18 mths. I could have written much of what you wrote. Two and a half years of no sex, no touching, no chatting …. I feel very lost and out of control about this. Though quite lonely for all that.

Take care of yourself. BR is my sole escape these days, too. Thanks to all the posters here for keeping me strong in NC I passed the one month mark now! I just wrote myself a letter from him stating exactly what he wanted from me:. I want a colleague with benefits. Working with you will be a perfect cover. We will meet up several times per year at various conferences.

I will decide when and where. I will occasionally pay half your expenses.

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You will be solely responsible for contraception because I refuse to use condoms. If you get pregnant that is your problem and I will have nothing to do with it.

He just didn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

Importantly, you must not confuse this arrangement with a proper relationship, although there will be times when I will intimate that I might change my mind. That is, I will at times lead you to believe that we have a future together, but you must never ask me where this is all going. If you try I will cut you off.

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  5. The arrangement will continue as long as I want it to. If you become emotionally attached then once again, that is your problem.

    4 Ways to Tell Someone You Don't Want to Date Them Without Hurting Them

    If you bother me with your feelings I will either be extremely cruel to you or I will simply disappear. You will benefit from my expertise and contacts in the field. In fact, you need me and without me you will not succeed. You will also, of course, benefit from my expertise in bed. Ugh it certainly is! Your ex-AC sounds quite douchey. Proud of you, girl! I cannot even begin to imagine a next time!

    That letter was painfully brilliant. Thanks for posting it here. But you are, Lilly. You are healing and getting stronger. Wishing you all the best on your continued health, my dear.