Online Dating Rescues Runners

For me it's a must that my mate is an athlete, one who sees fitness as a firm fixture of his lifestyle. And while I slightly prefer a triathlete to a mere single-sport man, he's got to have a good grip on balance. I'd urge any singles out there to proceed with caution when considering a potential triathlete partner. Steer clear of the red flags of obsession. For example, if you're with a guy and uncover an M-Dot tattoo, heed that as a warning.

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If it's faded, give him the benefit of the doubt -- his early Ironman fetish may now be less of a fixation. But if it's fresh ink, run. Or if you're at the pool and he's laser-focused on his latest swim split, yet blind to the fact that your body is clad in nothing but a bikini, you've got a problem. Cut your losses and try taking up with that sexy cyclist you met on your Saturday ride.

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At least you'll have something in common, not the least of which is nicely shaved legs. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? To date or not to date a triathlete d Adam Chase and Holly Bennett. Linden, Kawauchi win rainy Boston Marathon d. IAAF ratifies American sprinter's world record d. Kenya's Kirui wins 2nd L.

Marathon in 3 years d. Yuki Kawauchi's surprise win in Boston d Aishwarya Kumar. Why I'm running d Aishwarya Kumar.

To date or not to date a triathlete

Drawing strength, five years on d Bonnie D. Weather can't dampen spectacular Opening Ceremony d Sam Bruce. India let off with warning over needle issue d Susan Ninan in Gold Coast. Bannister, first to break 4-minute mile, dies d Tom Hamilton. Coe accused of misleading inquiry into doping d. Who knows, you may even find your athletic and love match! For me, running groups promoting their group runs on Facebook is rather groundbreaking and about my speed.


I still remember group runs being advertised on flyers posted on bulletin boards in specialty stores—yep, paper and thumbtacks. We were looking for a potential jingle and an easy word for people to remember. Jaha has been called Tinder for athletes. Is that missing the point, or an expected type of connection? As a runner it makes sense to make your first date an active date, so why not suggest a run followed by a drink? The run itself may not provide much "getting to know you" time, but the cool-down period after your run certainly will.

Running for a First Date

Whether a short run, a half marathon or fell run, a fitness date is an excellent way to break the ice. Many singles find that meeting in a group is less daunting, so we make it easy for you to join a group of like-minded and physically fit men and women through our many group meets. See our Invitations pages for forthcoming outdoor activities organised by other Members. Even better, set up your own running meet and invite those you want to get to know better!

What has Outdoor Duo done for me? As a keen walker this site will help you find a boyfriend or girlfriend that enjoys walking.