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Venues in Melbourne refused to host his events after protesters highlighted his videos, Twitter feeds and photos promoting violence against women and abuse as a means of attracting them. Protesters rallied along the river and also trailed the pair by boat, and Melbourne River Cruises cancelled the event as soon as they were told what was happening.

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In the end police escorted the men off the vessel. Labelling women as objects and actively promoting the abuse of women degrades the dignity of our whole community.

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Some people have been critical to the response against Blanc, saying it only gives him more underserved attention. Blanc began his seminars in Sydney last week, but the movement against him had gained significant momentum by the time he reached Melbourne. The takedownjulienblanc Twitter campaign led by online activist Jennifer Li helped spread word of his talks, and an anti-Blanc Facebook page also emerged. When it became clear that Daugherty would not be returning to the fold either, the remaining two took the opportunity to approach their music from new perspectives, abandoning their long-established roles and stylistic elements in favour of experimentation, spontaneity and electronica.

Early in , the two brought in Willson-Piper's childhood friend Andy 'Dare' Mason to produce, record and mix. Considered temporary at the time, Powles would soon become a permanent member of the band and is still with them over 20 years later.

Ikon (Australian band)

Promotion was minimal as Arista saw insufficient commercial promise in the release. With another commercially unsuccessful album on their hands, Arista did not renew The Church's contract and pulled financial support for a tour. Ambitious plans to stage full electric shows were scaled back, leaving Kilbey and Willson-Piper with only a short run of acoustic gigs as a duo.

Without a recording deal, the band's future looked bleak as Kilbey and Willson-Piper began work on new recordings in Although initially a two-man project, the new material saw input from new drummer Powles and hired violinist Linda Neil. Renewed contact between Kilbey and Peter Koppes led to the latter agreeing to guest on four songs - a welcome surprise for fans.

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Simon Polinski Yothu Yindi was drafted in to co-produce, engineer and mix the sessions. The music saw a return to guitar-based material, infused with krautrock and art rock influences. A minute atmospheric piece called "Magician Among the Spirits" dominated the sessions, named after a book by Harry Houdini. Additional contributions by Utungun Percussion added a new, primal aspect to several songs. The album, also called Magician Among the Spirits , received mixed reviews, despite the guitar rock hook of its single, "Comedown". It was released on the band's own Deep Karma label, but due to financial constraints they had to arrange for outside distribution for the North American and European markets.

This almost doomed the album from the beginning, but worse events were to come. Within a short time, the U. For a band already on shaky ground, this was nearly the death knell. Comments by Kilbey in May of that year summed up the situation: Our management, the whole thing is broken down We don't really have a label. We're owed lots and lots of money and we're broke.

We're trying to pursue lawyers to get our money back. Marty and I aren't having any communication. There's no one really managing us so Following the commercial failure of Magician Among the Spirits , the members of The Church turned their attention to other projects and Willson-Piper left Australia again in order to collaborate with other artists and write new solo material.

In his absence, Kilbey, Powles and Koppes spent some studio time together and quickly wrote and recorded an album as The Refo: Group tensions within The Church proper were still simmering, however. More than anyone else, it was new drummer Tim Powles who tried to alleviate the outstanding disagreements. While Koppes and Willson-Piper had already had differences for some time, Kilbey and Willson-Piper's relationship was also strained by recent problems.

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  4. Kilbey declared that the end was nigh: The four agreed to play a string of farewell concerts around Australia, which turned out to be extremely successful. The roaring success of the intended "final concert" in Sydney put a quick end to talk of the band's demise. The results of the new recording sessions saw a return to the band's roots: Also, for the first time, the band completely produced itself, under Powles' aegis. Originally given the name Bastard Universe , the forthcoming album was re-titled Hologram of Allah after Willson-Piper found the original too negative.

    Concerns about fundamentalist Muslim reaction to the potentially blasphemous title made the band finally opt for the more neutral Hologram of Baal , after the Canaanite god. Released under a new contract with UK independent label Cooking Vinyl , the album was distributed in the U. A limited edition featured a bonus disc with a nearly minute continuous improvised instrumental, which received the original title of the album, Bastard Universe.

    The reformed and rejuvenated band went on their first fully electric tour of the U. A plan to release a live album called Bag of Bones was put into motion, but then cancelled. Instead, a collection of cover songs was recorded, in Sweden, shedding light on the band's influences. The insert for the CD was designed as interchangeable, with 10 separate sleeve designs created by fans. As with Hologram of Baal , a tour followed the album's release, but a new drama hit the band mid-tour in New York City when Kilbey was arrested for trying to purchase heroin.

    The band was forced to improvise a set after he failed to show, with Willson-Piper covering vocals. A night in jail and a day's community service on the Manhattan subway were Kilbey's only punishment.

    The Church (band)

    In , " Under the Milky Way " was featured in the film Donnie Darko , helping to raise the band's profile once again. However, recording for their next album turned out to be painstakingly slow, due to numerous side projects and simple geography. With Kilbey now living in Sweden, Willson-Piper in England and the others in Australia, the bandmates met across several separate sessions. Partially recorded in both Sweden, NYC and Australia, the resulting After Everything Now This , released in January , saw a focus on the softer elements of the band, with responsibility for production and final mixing again by Powles.

    With only three obvious "rock" tracks out of ten, gentler moods dominated.

    The album achieved the biggest international success for The Church in almost ten years. The successive world tour featured the band in a more subtle setting as well, with most tracks performed primarily acoustically alongside guest David Lane on piano. Fans would not have to wait long for another group release. Unique among the band's catalogue, the first disc, subtitled "remixture", featured a reshuffled, remixed, electronic version of the After Everything Now This album, the result of Tim Powles' collaboration with Sydney EDM musicians.

    The second disc, subtitled "mixture", compiled leftover songs from the After Everything Now This recording sessions.

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    Around the time that Parallel Universe was released, the Church had returned to the studio to record yet another album, eventually titled Forget Yourself. Rather than fleshing the songs out over a long, gradual process, the band decided to keep the music as close to the original jam-based material as possible. Stylistically, this made for a much rawer sound, primarily recorded live and with minimal overdubs. As had become routine since Sometime Anywhere , songs saw numerous instrument changes between members, with Powles playing lead guitar on "Sealine","Maya" and "Reversal" and Willson-Piper switching to drums on "Maya".

    The band toured extensively to support the album in Australia, the U. Their prolific output continued into with the release of three ancillary albums. Under the guidance of manager Kevin Lane Keller - an American fan and marketing professor who had been working with them since - the Church began capitalizing on the advantages offered by the internet and the independent music industry.

    First, in August, came the entirely improvised album Jammed , containing just two long tracks and available exclusively from the band's website.

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    Next, in October, came their third outtakes album, Beside Yourself , covering the Forget Yourself sessions. Finally, only six weeks later, came El Momento Descuidado , in which the band presented old and new material in an acoustic setting, for the Liberation Blue label. A short acoustic tour followed in late which initiated a new practice amongst the band members: In , The Church returned to full electric mode and began work on new material once again.

    The first release from these sessions was the outtakes album Back With Two Beasts , released via their website as a teaser for the main album which would follow a few months later. Back With Two Beasts has over time come to have a "main" album life of its own, with tracks being featured on Apple music and the like, being seen by many fans as the band at its fluid and fresh artistic best. Uninvited, Like the Clouds , their 20th studio album, was released to rapturous reviews in April and was followed once again by extensive touring in Europe, the U.

    Just before its release, in March, they performed " Under the Milky Way " with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. In February came El Momento Siguiente , a second album of acoustic re-interpretations of earlier songs plus several new compositions and a cover version of The Triffids classic " Wide Open Road ".