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Samsung rejected the gay hookup app Hornet from its South Korean store in , citing local values and laws that disallow LGBT content. Hornet is available in the US and other countries, though it remains banned in Argentina, Iceland, Syria and South Korea, the report says.

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Samsung confirmed to the site that it blocks LGBT apps on a country-by-country basis, though it's notable that Argentina and Iceland both legalized same-sex marriage in One popular gay dating app, Jack'd, is not available on Google Play in South Korea -- the company deleted Jack'd from its store a few years ago, seemingly without notifying its developer, Buzzfeed reports. Still, Jack'd has more than , users in South Korea, most of them on Android, the app's lead account manager for Asia told the site.

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Being Gay in Korea (19+ DON'T WATCH)

Want to help break the ice? You can send unlimited messages, videos and photos to each other. Secondly, you can go to bars and clubs, but that gets old after a while when you constantly come home smelling like cigarettes and alcohol, and the majority of the guys are only interested in one-night stands. I stopped using them because they were getting creepy. There are lots of guys that just wanna hook up, but there are people who are interested in dating, too.

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  • On the other hand, in the States, there are gay sports leagues, gay singing groups, gay camping, hiking, and running organizations, and there are gay neighborhoods. Also in the States, within the whole queer community, there are hundreds of different personalities, and in Korea, many people categorize themselves so narrowly.

    Being Gay in South Korea

    In Korea, you see gays at the extremes, either super reserved and discreet or very out-and-loud and proud. My motto is that you should do whatever the hell you like! If you want to wear a little makeup, go for it. Just be comfortable with who you are.

    Being Gay In South Korea

    In Korea, I think many guys feel pressure to conform to how they think they should be acting. Many people are positive and open-minded.

    Samsung and Google censor LGBT apps in South Korea

    They may be taking a break or running from an ex. Ughh, no thank you! For example, when that Korean actor, Suk-Chun Hong, came out in , he lost all his sponsors and started running restaurants. I read an article online, and he said people would frequently come into his restaurant and harass him. Some people would try to warn others that they would get AIDS if they ate at his restaurant.

    Coincidentally, my queer studies professor was Korean, born and raised in Seoul. Even now, look at marriage equality. Which is still a battle in the US, too.